November 29, 2021
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The Consumer Price Index in October stood at 123.25, an increase in all principal groups. In October 2020 the CPI stood at 118.92 making October 2021 the tenth consecutive month with an increase with respect to the year before. With an inflation of 3.6% October is the month with the highest inflation rate in 2021.In...
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The Economic Activity index in September 2021 was 120.3, a 2.7% increase compared to September 2020. Compared to August, the index gained 0.9 points and grew by 0.75%. On a year-over-year comparison, the EAI increased by 2.7% for the seventh consecutive month after a year of decreases caused by the global pandemic. Compared to September...
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The Net General Fund Revenue in September amounted $910,918, a reduction compared annually and to 2019. There were $24,928 less funds, or -2.6% compared to September 2020. Total General Taxes reduced by 6%, and these reduced mostly due to a 98% reduction in Insurance Premiums. For this Fiscal year (from July to September) is a...
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Total net electric energy generation was 1,666.8 mkWh in September, a reduction of 6% compared to August, and an annual increase of 2%. Total consumption was 1,544 mkWh, an increase both annually and monthly. Compared to September 2020, consumption increased by 4.4%. Compared to August, it increased by 2.7%, an increase for the third consecutive...
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