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El departamento de agricultura federal (USDA), ha comenzado sus preparativos para el nuevo censo de la agricultura del 2022. Este censo se hace cada 5 años y es la fuente más comprensiva de información de la agricultura en Puerto Rico. La última edición de este censo se realizó en el 2017, antes del paso del...
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In June 2021, the Consumer Price Index stood at 270.98. When compared to May 2021, the index grew by 0.9%. It has been the most significant month-to-month increase since 2008. When compared to June 2020, the index reflects inflation of 5.1%, which is the largest increase year to year since 2008. An increase of the...
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In July 2021 in Puerto Rico, there were 244 total bankruptcy filings. Of these fillings, 99 were chapter 7, 140 were chapter 13, and 5 were chapter 11. Compared with June, there were 84 fewer filings or a decrease of 25.6%. Compared with May 2020, there were 31 more periodic filings or a reduction of...
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The Treasury Department collected $1,414.6 million in May, the most significant amount since April 2019. The collections, which are not comparable to the $516.0 million collected in May of last year, are $42.9 million higher than the government’s forecasts.Individual contributions reached $369.2 million, the largest amount in 25 months. Corporations paid $359.8 million, up threefold...
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Out of the 798,840 non-resident visitors to Puerto Rico in the year 2020, 742,739, or 93%, came from the United States, 14,927, or 1.8%, came from Europe, 10,765, or 1.3%, came from Canada, and the rest came from Asia, Latin America, Africa, and Oceania. Within the United States, which is the most popular place of...
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Non-farm payroll in the United States totaled 146,821,000 for the month of July 2021. Compared with the previous month of June, 266,000 jobs were added, a growth rate of 0.6%. This is the highest employment level since March 2020. Job recovery has reportedly slowed down despite still being on the rise. Compared to July 2020,...
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