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Economic Development Bank and Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce of Central Florida Join Forces to Attract Entrepreneurs to Puerto Rico

The Puerto Rico Economic Development Bank (EDB) and the Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce of Central Florida (PRCCCF) have embarked on...
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Evolution of Puerto Rico’s Population: A decade of decline

The demographic trends of Puerto Rico over the last decade present a compelling narrative of a population in decline. From the...
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Retails sales increased 4% during December 2023

The accumulated retail sales up to the month of December reached the figure of $39.173 billion, an increase of 4% compared...
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Inteligencia Económica Inc. in Guaynabo is looking for a Quantitative Finance Analyst.

Responsibilities include delivering models, tools, and analysis needed to provide insights to effectively manage Risk and Capital. Strong understanding of economics, credit, markets, and finance with the ability to apply those concepts to data analysis, combining business acumen with analytical skills to assess risk and drive well-informed management decisions.

Interacts with stakeholders including risk managers, model developers, operations, technology, finance, and capital. Identify, organize, and execute strategic change efforts across the forecasting team including new model deployment and analytical capability development.

New model deployment includes Comprehensive use-case planning, testing and analysis Tactical build-out of required management information which aide in understanding model performance Creation of thorough testing plans Identifying requirements needed from key stakeholders.

Analytical capability development includes Identify needs and requirements from the EF team which improve the group’s ability to generate insights and understanding of economic risks, model accuracy and forecast reasonability, directly conduct analysis, and develop methodologies that enable analytical insight discovery and its application in economic consulting management space.

Education required MBA or equivalent and 12 months experience is required. If qualified, please submit resume to Inteligencia Economica B5 Calle Tabonuco Suite 216 Guaynabo PR 00968.