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Real Estate

The real estate industry has seen various changes in the past 2 years due to COVID. Housing prices have increased in markets such as Canada, Australia, and the US. As work from home becomes a permanent reality, many workers have begun to transition away from large cities and towards more affordable areas.

The US real estate industry includes about 351,000 companies with combined annual revenue of about $469 billion. In Puerto Rico, since hurricane Maria, the real estate sector continues to be a driver, particularly during the pandemic where the housing market had more demand than supply. 

New developments in technology and how people are using real estate is disrupting the industry. We pair our expertise, experience, and the latest technology to innovate and optimize our client’s business models. Our deep understanding of tenants, market trends, nontraditional data, geospatial analysis, and experience help make better decisions for space acquisition, development, and use. Some indicators include: 

  • Total used and new housing sales in the United States and Puerto Rico
  • Average new and used housing prices in the United States and Puerto Rico
  • Over 50 indicators in this sector. 
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Cement sales slow down in December

Cement production in December was 634 thousand 94-lb bags. Production in December was 25% greater...
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Real Estate continues to grow

A total of 12,202 housing units were sold in the period between January and November...
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Housing Units sales slow down in October

Total housing units sold in October were 1,076, just 3 units or -0.27% less than...
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The House Price Index increases in Q3 2021

The House Price Index (HPI) for all transactions was published today by the FHFA for...
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Cement Sales decrease towards end of year

Cement production in November fell 30% compared to October after two consecutive months of growth....
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US Inflation rises to 6.8% in November

The increase in the unadjusted Consumer Price Index 12 month for November across all items...
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Cement Sales slow down in October

Cement production in October was 727.4 94-pound bags, 18% more than in September, and 13%...
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Housing Market Declines in September

There were a total of 1,079 housing units sold in Puerto Rico during the month...
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Housing Unit Sales Remain Elevated

There was a total of 1,079 housing units sold in Puerto Rico during the month...
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