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Energy economics are extremely important in Puerto Rico. On an island without fossil fuels but with a large untapped potential to generate renewable energy, the years to come will see a large transformation in the island’s energy usage. Understanding trends in pricing, total clients, and generation are key to understanding Puerto Rico’s economic transformation in the 21st century.

Market changes, technological development, change in market trends, user expectations, regulations, and more have greatly influenced the energy industry. We have assisted utilities and power-generation corporations in originating development strategies and operational changes.

We assist utilities and power-generation firms in staying ahead of consumer trends and achieving continual value by utilizing digitalization, automation, and artificial intelligence. Some of our indicators include: 

  • Total energy generation and consumption in the United States and Puerto Rico
  • WTI crude oil futures price
  • Gasoline consumption in Puerto Rico
  • Over 15 indicators in this sector. 
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