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We help deal with the need to incorporate technology into serving the public. New affordable developments are expected of this industry, and oftentimes radical change is necessary to achieve this.

Healthcare spending throughout the world has increased for the past 10 years and has reached 10% of world GDP. As the populations of high-income countries grow older, the importance of this industry will only grow.

The COVID pandemic has shown the importance of applying technology and data gathering techniques to the healthcare field. From COVID and vaccination dashboards to new telemedicine practices, the future of healthcare lies in the integration of technology.

Healthcare costs in the United States and Puerto Rico are amongst the highest in the world. This industry accounts for more than $3 trillion in spending in the United States and more than $18 billion in Puerto Rico each year. Understanding this industry, from demographic trends and hospitals to monthly pharmacy sales is possible using our firm’s data. Some of our indicators include: 

  • Total number of hospitals in the United States and Puerto Rico
  • Total number of physicians in the United States and Puerto Rico
  • Federal transfers for the sector for Medicaid, Medicare, and others. 
  • Over 50 indicators in this sector. 


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