The construction industry in Puerto Rico has been a driver of economic growth since the industrialization of the island, not just through residential construction, but also playing a key role in the growth of manufacturing on the island. This industry has over $11.9 billion in annual investment. The following years are key for the industry with over $20 billion expected in investment in recovery and reconstruction efforts. 

It’s not just sales and pricing that make up our construction statistics. Mortgage statistics from both commercial banks and credit unions in Puerto Rico reveal the true tendencies driving the residential construction industry. Our firms’ multi-disciplinary approach helps our clients understand the underlying tendencies behind the construction industry in Puerto Rico and the United States. 

Indicators in this sector include: 

  • Total employment in construction in Puerto Rico
  • Total investment capital on the island in public and private investment
  • Total federal transfers to the island for construction
  • Over 50 indicators in the sector. 
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