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Cement sales decrease by 7.7% in April

Cement sales reached 1,297.4 thousand 94-pound sacks in April 2022, while production reached 705.5 94-pound sacks. When compared to March 2022 sales decreased by 59.2 thousand units or 7.7%. When compared to April 2021, sales increased by 70.6 thousand units or 11.1%. Meanwhile, when compared to March 2022 production decreased by 174.6 thousand units or 11.9%. ...
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Economic Activity Index reaches highest point since February 2016

The Economic Activity Index (EAI) is a measure of the island economic activity calculated by the Economic Development Bank of Puerto Rico.  It is based of four macroeconomic indicators, Total Non-Farm Payroll, Electric Power Generation, Gas Consumption and Cement Sales.   Altogether these indicators closely model trends in the islands production, because of this, changes in this...
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New car unit sales are up in April

New car unit sales for the month of April 2022 totaled 10,833, only 19 units more (0.2%) compared to April 2021. This slight increase comes after falling 4.4% in March due to inventory challenges. Compared to April 2019, sales are up 47.4%. In the first four months of the year, sales are 0.9% above the same...
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US Inflation remains high at 8.3% in April defying expectations for a bigger drop

Inflation in the United States exceeds expectations and increases the pressure on the Fed for new increases in the interest rate. Consumer prices rose 0.3% in April compared to March and an accumulating rise of 8.3% compared to April 2021. However, the data for April was above the 0.2% expected by the market for the month...
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Salaries increased 2.9% in 2021

The Bureau of Labor Statistics published last week new reports for wages nationwide and in Puerto Rico. Average hourly wages for 2021 were $10.93hr, an increase of 2.9% compared to the previous year. Total Nonfarm Payroll also increased to 843,810 wage workers according to the BLS. When analyzed by occupation, those in Life, Physical, and Social...
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