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Housing Market Exhibits Signs of Slowing Down

This April 2023 there was a total of 831 units sold for all categories, representing a 4.3% decrease from April 2022 and an even greater decrease of 19.2% when compared to the previous month of March 2023. The price per housing unit on the other hand has maintained itself rather consistent for the most recent months,...
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New Auto Sales Increased by 0.3% in April

New car unit sales for April 2023 amounted to 10,870 units sold, this being an increase of 37 units sold (0.3%) compared on a year-over-year basis with April 2022. April 2023 new car unit sales are also an increase of 138 units sold (1.3%) in a month-to-month basis with March 2023, the first increase in units...
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U.S. Inflation for April 2023 remains at 5%

Inflation is a measure of the reduction in purchasing power, the price changes measured in inflation not only affects consumers but also affects businesses investments. The inflation rate for the United States amounted to 5% in April 2023. This value for the inflation rate is a negligible 0.03 percentile point reduction from the previous month of...
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Quiebras disminuyen un -6.04% en marzo

El total de quiebras radicadas para el mes de marzo 2023 fueron 389 radicaciones, una disminución de -6.04% comparado a marzo 2022. Radicaciones bajo Capítulo 13 disminuyeron un -56.3%, Capítulo 7 disminuyó -64.9%. En lo que va del año se han radicado unas 990 solicitudes, un aumento de 2.8% comparado al mismo periodo (enero a marzo)...
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New auto sales for March decreased by -4.1%

New car unit sales for March 2023 totaled 10,732 units, this is a drop of 454 units or -4.1% compared to a year- over-year basis of March 2022. It is an increase of 1,423 or 15.3% compared on a month-to-month basis of February 2023. This is the fifth consecutive month of decreases in sales. Still, new...
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