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Our Business Intelligence division focuses on analyzing the high volume of data that modern businesses encounter in their day-to-day operations. With Microsoft Power BI, our analysists create Dashboards that can be tailor-made for your business. Our clients in industries ranging from finance to agriculture, and everything in between, know they can trust us to handle their data and present it to them in an intuitive, easy to understand format that allows them to better understand it.


Using ArcGIS we can use geolocalization to provide you with a clear view of the competition, their locations, your service area, and real-time information, like traffic. 


Using Survey 1-2-3 we’ve been able to create our own database of real-time information info including the Consumer Confidence Index, industry marks, and more. 


Our data is presented in the most friendly way, using Microsoft’s Power BI your user experience with our sheets of data is an organized and unique way of viewing. 

Microsoft Partner

We’ve partnered with Microsoft to maximize our data potential through their tools. We’ve been able to expand using their resources to provide the optimum databases to our clients. 

OUR ECONOMIC ANALYSIS HELPS CLIENTS MAXIMIZE PROFIT. If you contact us, our firm can help you navigate the intricacies of owning a business, having data, and not knowing how to maximize it. 

Our collaborations

Part of our expanding Database includes collaborations with different partners to expand our database

These dashboards are for subscribers only. 

Retail Group

Consumer Expenditure Index We’ve partnered with Retail Group in creating the Consumer Expenditure Index which is a monthly survey to over 500 participants from across the island measuring how they feel about the current economic environment and how the economic environment will be in the future. This index is on sale only for subscribers of the platform.


How is the restaurant industry?  We’ve partnered with Asociación de Restaurantes (ASORE) in measuring the restaurant industry. This industry has over $2 billion in annual sales with over 4,000 establishments and no data for the sector. Three times a year we send a survey to over 80% of establishments to determine how the industry is behaving. The report is on sale for subscribers. 

Brands of Puerto Rico

Who is buying Puerto Rican products from the diaspora? Brands of Puerto Rico is the largest Made in Puerto Rico export business. The interactive dashboard includes who in the diaspora is buying, where are the purchases made, and products. The dashboard is available for subscribers on the Intelligent Economics Platform. 

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